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I have found that many do not believe they will ever be held accountable for their sin. Even Christians, so called, who claim they have been saved, still continue sinning, and simply, for some reason, do not believe they will be accountable. They believe that somehow God will in fact “wink” at their sin on Judgement Day. The words of the Master to “go, and sin no more” are wasted on those who hear His words, but do not put them into practice.

Many so called Christians will defend a sinful lifestyle, while at the same time attack a Holy lifestyle. The words of God to “Be ye Holy, for I am Holy”, falls on deaf ears. Should not those who profess Messiah as Lord, and Savior, defend Holiness?

The Church’s of our day teach sinful lifestyle as acceptable lifestyle, because, as they say, no one can be perfect. This, though, is not what the Bible teaches. According to Matthew’s Gospel, Yeshua says, “you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” Matthew 5:48. Was He talking about physical perfection? No. He doesn’t expect anyone to have a perfect body, as some seem to be trying to attain to. He doesn’t expect us to have a perfect, genius, type mind, that we can know all about the physics of the cosmos, or be able to mathematically compute to the point of perfection, etc., The Perfection Yeshua refers to has nothing to do with our self, that is, the Self of man.  Yeshua is talking about Spiritual Perfection, which is His own likeness in us, which is Holiness. Be perfect in Holiness. You can do this, it is a matter of choosing Him over your self.

What does being perfect in Holiness mean? First, it means being willing to obey God, His commandments. It means abstaining from even the appearance of evil. It means that we STOP sinning. This is the Christian life, to stop sinning, and do the Will of God. This is what both “Old” and “New” covenants are about, doing the Will of God. The Christian life is not about sinning, but NOT sinning.

If you think that most of street ministry is about talking to the unchurched, “unsaved”, this is a false assumption. Most of street ministry is about talking to a sinful people who believe they are going to heaven. They believe they are saved Christians, and loved by God, yet sin. These sinning people have been mislead to believe Adulterers, Fornicators, Homosexual, liars, thief’s, blasphemers, haters of God, scoffers, gossips, mockers, etc., will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. They couldn’t be more wrong in their assumptions.

I believe the cry from Heaven is to repent of your sin, turn to God, and live Holy, for He is Holy. This is what is called LIGHT in the Bible. Holiness is the Light, as Yeshua, the Holy Life, only begotten of Holy YHVH, is the Light of the world. He says to us to be as He is.

The Testimony of a Church Triumphant is not one of sinfulness! The Testimony of a Church Triumphant is one of Holiness unto the Lord. The Messiah is not returning for  Adulterers, Fornicators, Homosexual, Thieving, Lying, Blasphemers. He is returning for a Bride SPOTLESS from all of these things. He is coming for a people who have truly repented of these things. He is coming for a people who are HOLY, not SINFUL. If you are sinning today, you are not one whom the Messiah is coming for. This needs to be understood. The Messiah is coming for those who have turned from their wicked ways. You cannot yet be a sinner, and also claim that you’ve turned from your sin. If you commit wickedness, you are wicked. The wicked will never see God, only His Judgement. The ones who live lives of purity, who live holy lives, will see Him. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’ Matthew 5:8

I pray for a Holy People of God, that would stand in the midst of a godless generation, and make a difference. Stand for Holiness my friends. Defend Holiness. Stop defending your sin. Repent of your sin today, and never turn back.

Do not defend the sin in others, but preach Holiness. I believe this to be the Will of God for everyone who professes to have Yeshua HaMashaich as their Lord.

B’shem Yeshua

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