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Some will say we cannot ever not sin. Why is this believed? It is being suggested by some that our very bodies are sinful! That, even though we have been fearfully and wonderfully made, this body itself is sinful? That the body is evil in and of itself? This is impossible. Where does the  idea that being bound to the body means we must sin? Is this not Gnosticism? Has Gnostic theory now overcome Biblical Truth? What is the real truth about our nature?

Some men differentiate between the saved man and the natural man, as if the natural man by default is a sinner? The natural man, when he lives according to his original purpose, that of walking with God in fellowship, is not sinful. The natural man who chooses a sinful life is a sinner. Both Godliness and sinfulness are a choice for the natural man. There is no other type of man other than a natural one. Cyborgs are inapplicable…. .

I think the real difficulty arrises from a misunderstanding of scripture. 1 Cor. 2:14 “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

The Greek word used here for “natural”, is psuchikos, which means animal, natural, sensuous. The context of this word in this verse is very important to understand its application. What Paul is saying is that those who walk sensuously, you could insert sensuous for natural in the verse and get a more proper understanding of the meaning. A sensuous man is walking according to his own character, what is natural to him by his own choices. Just as a just man, a Godly man walks according to his own character, that which is natural to him from the choices he makes in his life. There is nothing in Paul’s epistles that suggest any form of any original sin. It is a matter of knowing what Paul actually wrote that is the problem. Some are assuming one thing, while the Apostle is saying something very different.

Make 1Corinthians chapter one a special study for you, and continue till you reach chapter 2: verse 14, and beyond. See if you can discern the difference Paul is making between those who walk after the wisdom of the world, and those who walk after the wisdom of God. This is a choice we all must make. It is unnatural for man to not follow the wisdom of God. This choice will lead a man to hell. It is the natural course of man created in the Image of God, to choose God.

I find it amazing how some will call the natural man the sinner, and the unnatural man the saint. It is due to a profound misunderstanding on their part, of what the Bible actually teaches.

b’Shem Yeshua

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